The Toucan

Toucans is a medium-sized bird native to the rainforests of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Toucans are tropical birds, and there are about 40 different types of toucans.

Toucan’s age

Toucans have a lifespan of up to 20 years in the wild, and the oldest species of toucans lived to be 26 years old, are distinguished by bright colors and have a large beak and are often colored and vary in size depending on their species.

The size of the toucan

Toucan is one of the birds that are famous for its distinctive colors, and these birds range in size where they can reach a height of 25 inches, i.e. 63.5 cm with a beak often colored in orange and a length of about 8 inches or 19 cm.

The smallest size of the toucan is called arakari and weighs about 130 grams and is about 29 cm long or 11.5 inches tall.

The body of the toucan

Toucan has a long tail, with a short, thick neck and wings small, and because these birds inhabit the forests they need only travel for short distances.

The body of the toucan is almost entirely covered with black feathers except for the throat covered with white or yellow feathers, while the color of the feathers provides camouflage, and the neck color may be black, blue, brown, green, red, white or yellow, or a mixture of colors.

The large feathers help these birds keep them from the cold warm weather that they live in, and this adaptation is one of the best heat regulating systems in the entire animal kingdom where arteries expand when the bird becomes hot and release heat.

Toucan beak

Despite the large size of these birds, the beak weighs less than you think, and the beak is made of protein keratin which is the same thing that makes hair and nails, and the structure of the beak includes many air pockets that allow a very low mass, and this beak is used in several Objects where it is used to collect and peel fruits, to intimidate predators and to attract mating partners.

The sound of the toucan

Toucans are daytime birds and they produce many different sounds, they are loud in the late afternoon when other birds become inactive, and toucans are among the most noisy birds in the forests, and their songs often resemble frogs, and many types of toucans make barking sounds, They sweep and growl, while mountain toucans make tone sounds like donkey sounds, and toucans are usually found in pairs or small herds.

Toucan and predatory animals

There are many predators that must be paid attention to. These animals include forest eagles, hawks, owls, boas, whispers and weddings as they invade the nests of the toucans. In fact, the toucans defend themselves against predators, but this is one of the most important reasons that lead to the scarcity of these birds in addition Until some people catch them for the pet trade, and to protect themselves the Toucan relies on their loud voices to scare enemies and alert other Toucans to danger.

Toucans build their nests in the hollow trees created by other animals such as woodpeckers which are generally found in the rainforest canopy.


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