Report on the fish that killed Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962, in the Australian city of Victoria, and he was known for his strong love for animals and reptiles. He owned an Australian zoo, specifically in the city of Pirwa, Queensland, and during 1970 Steve moved from Essendon to Queensland with His parents Lynn and Bob Irwin, during which his father began building a private park for animals and reptiles, meaning that his life since he was young was between crocodiles and various animals, and that was influenced by his father, who also loved and loved reptiles and animals, as Steve Irwin became a volunteer in the government affiliate program For managing crocodiles in the Queensland area of the East Coast.

A brief overview of Steve Erwin’s life

It is worth noting that due to his great love for animals and reptiles, he took over the administration of the park from his parents, but he changed his name to the «Australia Zoo» Australia Zoo, so Steve Irwin was called the Crocodile Hunter, and within the great efforts that Steve made He played a great role in protecting the environment, as his role is not only to advise people but also to make more efforts to protect the environment and protect reptiles and animals that are threatened from extinction.

Steve Irwin also purchased a group of lands in the United States of America as well as in Australia and these lands became like public parks, and Irwin was able to discover a new and distinct type of turtle that comes under the name (Elseya irwini) Erwin turtle, a type of snapper turtle that was found On the Queensland Coast region.

We have previously noticed that Australian scientist Steve Irwin made great efforts to encourage all individuals to contribute to the care of ecotourism and also natural tourism, so Steve Irwin was not at all encouraging the idea of buying turtle shells or buying shark fin soup in order to protect them from extinction, and we have He also founded 2002 in the establishment of S. Sanctuary Tev Irwin, who later became known as “Wildlife Warriors Worldwide,” later became a charitable organization.

What is the fish that killed Steve Irwin?

It is noteworthy that, because Steve Irwin’s life was different and full of many adventures, the way he died was also different. During the fourth of September 2006, Steve Irwin was filming his famous movie and documentary “Ocean’s deadliest” at the Barrier Reef. The great in “batt reef”.

But Steve Irwin bad luck so the weather was at that inappropriate and bad, which led to his stumbling with photography, and he was unable to complete his work, but Steve Irwin wanted to take advantage of this weather and photograph some shots in the shallow waters for a program that his daughter was presenting in the Bendi region And when Steve was diving, he was exposed to the bite of a “stalk” fish, and this fish is a poisonous fish that sowed its thorn in his chest during filming while he was diving in shallow water, and the events of his death were videotaped where one of his colleagues described what Steve presented to him saying Steve came to the top of the plank, so she stabbed him and a minute later She was dead. ”

And based on the forensic medical reports that were announced that Erwin died from a heart attack due to some wounds and toxins, it is noticeable that most of these damages were concentrated mainly in the area of the main arteries, and after Steve was exposed to this sting soon the imaging crew called the ambulances, and they Driving the boat quickly in the emergency direction to quickly shorten the time and distance, but despite these great efforts made by Steve’s crew to save his life but all these efforts failed and Steve died immediately, because most doctors based on the doctor’s report It is legal that it was difficult for Steve Erwin to survive this sting, especially since the fish she made was poisonous.


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