Pregnancy in a female Rabbit and how to take care of her young

Rabbits are among the animals that people prefer to raise at home, either for the purpose of fattening or for breeding purposes, and they are considered a good source of meat, they belong to the mammalian family, and are distinguished by their long ears and their soft fur, and they have many firsts, including white, scissors, black and gray.

Signs of pregnancy for a female rabbit:

There are many signs indicating the occurrence of pregnancy in rabbits, and the female must first be observed in order for the pregnancy to occur, then the pregnancy is diagnosed 14 days after the vaccination has occurred, and the first vaccination process may fail so that some people repeat the process again for her 10 days after the first vaccination, If she refuses to meet, then this indicates the occurrence of pregnancy. Another sign that pregnancy occurs is the female calm and her distance from the male, which is the increase in the female’s weight, and her belly bulging heavily, especially in the second half of pregnancy.

When the birth is near, the female creates a suitable place for her children by moving straw and plucking some of the body’s hair, and moving it to the right place, and it should be noted that the female rabbit may also suffer from false pregnancies such as a human female, and this is discovered after 16 days have passed from Detecting pregnancy occurrence.

It is possible that she will have a miscarriage due to the exposure of the pregnant female to one of the following factors: lack of food and changes in the environment surrounding her, and the large movement and movement of her to several places, and care must be taken not to hold the pregnant woman from her leg or heart down. The duration of pregnancy for a female rabbit is 34 days, but if the period is longer than 34 days, the female will give birth to dead fetuses.

How to take care of newborn rabbits:

When a female gives birth and gives birth to her children, the breeder performs a screening process for the young, and the living and dead are known, and this must be done very quietly so that you do not feel that someone is attacking her young because that will make her revolt, and therefore must stop immediately as soon as she is noticed, and only 10 births should be kept with the mother and transferred The rest is with another mother, after rubbing them with the remnants of the new mother, which is called artificial motherhood, and the ages of the young ones must be at the same age as the new mother, so that you do not alienate them.

It should be noted that when they are born rabbits are without hair and their eyes are closed, and their eyes should not be opened except on the ninth or tenth day or perhaps two weeks after birth, and if the period exceeds 11 days it is possible that there is an infection of eyelid and is treated with a solution The boric is for them and it is at a concentration of 0.4, and then you will gently open her eyelids, and if there is a white substance on the eyelids then you should use a drop of Argicrol at a concentration of 10%.

The newborns start to leave the nest after 20 days have passed, and the young children feed on the mother’s milk for 5 weeks and then wean them, but after two weeks have passed the mother must share the food of the young from the diets, and in that period she gradually reduces the milk until her weaning.

Purpose of breeding:

Young rabbits are placed in new and clean cages so that they are far from the mother until they are infected with any infection from their residues, and if the purpose of breeding is to fatten rabbits, they are placed in fattening places, but if the purpose is to breed, the sex of rabbits must be determined and this can be done after the passage of One day after birth, but it is better to wait on young rabbits until they are weaned and reach two months of age.


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