Poicephalus Senegalus

God Almighty has created a large number of living creatures with very beautiful and picturesque shapes and colors that attract eyes to them due to the creativity of the Exalted be He, and the different types of birds have distinguished shapes and colors, especially parrots, including the Poicephalus Senegalus or what is sometimes called a bird Yo-yo.

Poicephalus Senegalus

Senegalus Parrot Senegalus Poicephalus or known as Yo-Yo is a parrot of medium size, as its weight ranges between 120 to 170 mg, and its length may reach 23 cm, and its main habitat is West Africa, especially in Guinea, Senegal and Gabon, and Senegalese parrot is preferred to live In open forests, his average age is between 25 to 30 years in the wild, and when he is raised in the home, he may be up to 50 years old.

Types of Poicephalus Senegalus

There are three main types of Poicephalus Senegalus:

Poicephalus senegalus: yellow in southern Mali, Mauritania and Guinea.
Poicephalus senegalus mesotypus: orange in Cameroon and Chad.
senegalus Poicephalus versteri: This species carries a dark orange-red color, and is found in Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire).

Senegalese parrot behavior

The Poicephalus Senegalus is considered a bird species that many people prefer to breed, because it has a beautiful and gentle shape and has a somewhat calm nature, while it may sometimes turn into a nuisance and aggressive when you feel in danger, and the parrot makes a sound more similar to squawking, when Bringing him up at home is always more attached to only one person and often it is the person who takes care of him and provides him with food and drink, and is ready to attack the rest of the people.

Taming the Poicephalus Senegalus

Despite their small size, Senegalese parrots possess very enormous energy and activity and vary between calm and aggressive situations, and despite this they are able to accept the various variables around them and have a lower rate of resorting to screaming, biting or plucking feathers, and they have the ability to Doing different tricks.

But it is imperative that the breeders of this type of parrots take into account that despite their small size, they are very aggressive if he did not train them since their childhood to be calm and calm and this matter of course needs to be patient, and for the Senegalese parrots to be calm all the time; it should not be acquired More than one parrot at the same time and try to keep pets away from them like dogs and cats as possible.

Do you speak Senegalese parrot?

When mentioning the name of any type of parrots comes to every person’s mind a persistent and urgent question; is this type of parrots able to speak and echo the voices around it or not? And, in fact, the Poicephalus Senegalus is really a type of parakeet with the ability to speak and echo the different sounds around it, especially the words pronounced by the breeder.

Knowing the age of the Senegalese parrot

It is known that this type of parrots live a time period ranging from 25 to 30 years, and sometimes it may also reach 50 years if the parrots are well cared for and the food and drink suitable for it are permanently provided, and the age of these parrots can be determined easily as the species is small The age of her eyes is dark brown, and as she gets older the eyes turn gray, and the eyes continue to shift color as the bird grows older until it becomes yellowish-orange.

The difference between male and female in a Senegalese parrot

The sex of the Poicephalus Senegalus cannot be determined from the phenotypic characteristics, but there are some sayings that the female head and beak are smaller than the male, and the V-shaped figure on the chest that expresses the green area from the chest to the area between the two legs is larger at the female.

Poicephalus Senegalus prices

The price of a Senegalese budgie varies according to age and shape and also varies from country to country, but in general the average price for a Poicephalus Senegalus pair of male and female ranges between 300 to 400 SAR.


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