Owl butterflies

Owl butterflies are very large, 65–200 mm (2.6–9.9 in), and only fly a few meters at a time, so predators and birds have little difficulty in following them to the place of stability, however, butterflies preferentially fly at dusk, when it is There are few predators and birds, the Latin name may refer to their periods of activity.

Wing pattern owl butterflies functions

  • The wing pattern is very invisible, it is envisioned that the eye pattern is a general form of simulation, it is known that many small animals are reluctant to come close to eye-like patterns with a light iris, which corresponds to the appearance of the eyes of many predators hunted by sight .
  • The role of optical eyeglasses as antibacterial mechanisms has been discussed since the nineteenth century, many hypotheses are proposed to explain their occurrence, and in some butterflies, especially saterawat (such as the doorman and grayling), ocelli eyespots have been shown to be a snare, working to shift the attack of birds away from the body Weak, toward the outer part of the hindwings or forewing tip.
  • However, he notes that eyespots are not a form of simulation and do not deter predators because they appear to be eyes, instead of the apparent contradiction in patterns on the wings to deter predators, in a number of studies, the influence of surrounding forms such as the predator head region, and also not The question as to why animals evolved such a complex imitation of other species unanswered.

Home of the owl butterfly

If you want to see an owl butterfly, you will need to travel to the dense rainforests of Central America, South America and Mexico. These butterflies love the rain, but you will not find them in places where it rains heavily. You may also find them on banana plantations or farms in general where they wish to Lay their eggs.

Body structure and life cycle of a butterfly owl

  • Owl butterflies live only for 130 days, though, that all butterflies start like larvae, so that we can better understand them. Let’s take a look at their life cycle. First, after about twenty days in an egg, these creatures explode like large thorny larvae, just as the larvae, they Plants devour and really enjoy banana leaves, which is why people on banana plantations consider them pests, after about sixty days of living in the life of a caterpillar, they constitute chrysanthemums, and over the next twenty to thirty days, they undergo wonderful changes, finally, the caterpillar rushes to Beautiful owl butterfly fluttering around the world See the fruits.
  • During 20 days of her life as an owl butterfly, it can grow to about eight inches, which is rather large in the world of butterflies, to give you a view, as wide as the notebook paper, these large butterflies are brown, but what makes owl butterflies distinctive Very much what you’ll find on the underside of its wings: the eyes.


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