Information about fennec fox

Fennec fox, also known as desert fox, is one of the foxes that can be considered from pets and that can be a good training to be acquired in homes with care in dealing with them. This fox is distinguished by its small size, except for their large ears. They behave much like dogs, but given their nature, they need careful socialization. Fennec fox is one of the smallest species of foxes in the world, which traces its origin to the desert region of North Africa. They are most distinguished by their large and unique ears, which allow them to dissipate body heat in hot weather. Fennec Fox weighs about 3.5 lbs. Fennec Fox is a friendly animal, and a favorite of small animals, which have a lot of energy.

Information about fennec fox
Fennec fox is a type of small dog found in the dry sandy areas of the African desert desert. Fennec fox is famous for its large ears. His large ears help him regulate body temperature and help him feel balanced with cold temperatures. This is done by passing blood near the skin in the ear, which helps dissipate heat.

the size
Fennec Fox is the smallest fox in the world, which ranges in size from 24 cm to 41 cm in length. Fennec fox also has a remarkably long tail that ranges in length from 18 cm to 31 cm depending on the size of the fennec fox. The weight of fennec fox is about 1 kg – 1.5 kg (2.2 lbs – 3 lbs), while its top speed is about 40 km / h (25 mph).

Fennec fox is a carnivorous animal, and its diet is based on insects, rodents, plants, fruits, reptiles, and eggs. Fennec fox has a sand colored fur. The sandy color of the fox helps him hide to remain invisible among predators.

life cycle
Fennec fox has the ability to reproduce twice a year, but most female fennec fox are born only once a year. A female fennel fox gives birth to 3-4 young foxes, known as groups. Young fennec fox feed on breast milk for about a month.

Fennec fox is known to live in small communities together, which number about 10 foxes. Fennec fox is a nocturnal animal, which means they sleep in burrows during the day, and they search for food above ground when it is dark.

Bad smell
Fennec foxes have a somewhat pungent smell of feces, but can be trained to use a litter box, however, they have a gland at the tip of the tail that releases a musky with a strong smell, Fennec foxes release this musk only when it feels frightened or surprised.

The average age of Fennec fox is about 12 to 16 years.