How to clean an aquarium and change water

Ornamental fish is one of the things that gives beauty and liveliness in the place, but taking care of it needs a certain way in order not to harm the fish and pay attention to the cleanliness of the aquarium because it is necessary to change the aquarium water less than once a week, for two reasons. The first is that if the aquarium continues a period without changing the water It produces an unpleasant smell. The second reason is to maintain the health of the fish. If you see an aquarium whose water has changed and becomes foggy, then the water must be changed immediately.

Aquarium cleaning steps

The first important step is to move the fish out of the tank.

Do a search for a temporary fish tank, and start cleaning the main aquarium and put clean water in it. Do not use soap to clean the fish ponds because the soap leaves deposits and harms the fish, the water you put in the aquarium leave a temporary period until it balances in the heat and acidity, leave it until the second day until it disappears Chlorine from it, you can use a product to remove chlorine from the water, this is if you do not want to leave the water for the second day, make sure that the temperature of the temporary basin is equal to the same temperature as the basic aquarium, and cover the temporary aquarium so that the fish do not jump out, do not put the temporary aquarium under Light or direct heat so that the temperature does not rise The water is bad for the fish, and also keep the aquarium away from children or pets so as not to harm the fish

While transporting the fish, use a temporary tank until the fish move in it freely and use a net and the proximity of the two vessels to each other until the time for the fish outside of the water decreases and does not hurt or become tense. Watch the fish while in the temporary tank if you notice any change in the color or movement of the fish or any note from The following observations indicate that the water temperature is not appropriate:

Excessive movement and activity of the fish, if the color of the fish changes, if the fish makes any movement that is similar to yawning, lethargy, if the poison stagnates at the bottom of the pelvis.

Renew the contents of your aquarium.

Get rid of old or dirty water and it can be used to irrigate crops in the garden, you can use a network or filter or filter to prevent the solid contents from falling into the drain,

Clean gravel and adornment by washing it under warm water using a little salt to get good results, use a wire strainer during cleaning and then leave the gravel and adornment in the air to cool, to clean the sink, scrub it using warm, salt water and keep away from any disinfectants or soaps as it leaves residue after cleaning is finished And it affects the fish, if there is a residue of lime or anything, then clean it with vinegar, then clean the vinegar place with hot water, after finishing cleaning, washing and rinsing the tank, leave it for a while to cool off from the effect of hot water, leave it for half an hour until the basin becomes room temperature and this ensures an ideal heat Waterproof when returning fish.

Refill the sink

Return the pebbles, decorations, and solid contents to the tank after cleaning it and before putting water. Make sure that everything is as it was in the beginning so that the fish do not resent when its environment changes, then fill the tank with clean water that you cured and left one day and chlorine was removed from it, if you had Placed in the water to remove chlorine materials, beware of the water falling on the carpets and furniture because it creates an unpleasant smell behind it. Before putting the fish in the water, make sure that the water temperature is like the room temperature and make sure to leave the water away from the children and be covered so that the water does not become contaminated, if used Chlorine remover, see product instructions to ensure tuberculosis Fish nation.

Return the fish to the main tank after filling it with clean water a second time, insert the fish into the tank via the net and place it gently, monitor the fish if it suffers from any tension or disease or anything related to the environment and temperature during the cleaning process, monitor the fish and make sure that it adapts With the environment.

While purchasing fish, do not purchase large numbers or fish that are too large for the tank.


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