Chinese White Dolphins

The Chinese white dolphin, also known as the humpback dolphin or the Hindu Pacific dolphin humpback, is a dolphin that belongs to the group of marine mammals.

There are two types of Chinese white dolphins that can be found in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Chinese white dolphins usually live at a depth of 66 feet, near coral reefs, in lakes, estuaries and estuaries.

Interesting facts about Chinese white dolphin:

the description

Chinese white dolphins are black, and they are small gray animals with pink spots. Their top is white with pink. The Chinese white dolphin has a pinkish color on the skin thanks to the excessive blood vessels. The pink color of the skin is the most pronounced color in cold water due to the blood flowing through the blood vessels to warm the body and to ensure stable body temperature.

The Chinese white dolphin has a slender body, an elongated beak and a rounded body with a triangle-shaped tail. The Chinese white dolphin hump on the dorsal side of the body to represent the dorsal fin. The Chinese white dolphin has large eyes and sharp eyesight both in the water and in the air.

Size and weight

Chinese white dolphin can reach 6-13 inches in length, and up to 330-510 pounds of weight.


Chinese white dolphin is a daytime animal (active during the day).


Chinese white dolphin is a carnivore, and the diet is based on small and medium-sized fish that can be swallowed in one piece. The amount of fish consumed every day is 8% of the weight of the Chinese white dolphin.

Preservation and threats

The remaining numbers of Chinese white dolphins in the wild do not exceed 1700 animals due to water pollution and overfishing (with the aim of obtaining their meat), in addition to the increase in the movement of boats and diseases. Chinese white dolphins are listed near threatened animals (they may become endangered in the near future).


The natural predators of Chinese white dolphins are orchards and large sharks.

Interaction and behavior

Chinese white dolphin can spend 2-8 minutes under water. The young of these animals have the smallest capacity, which reaches between 1-3 minutes, due to the lungs needing fresh air.


The Chinese white dolphin lives in small groups of 3-4 animals. They communicate with clicks, screams and whistles. Chinese white dolphins are playful creatures that often like to jump out of the water.

The mating season of Chinese white dolphin takes place from the end of summer to autumn. To dolphins swim together and touch each other. The gestation period lasts for about 11 months and ends with the birth of one child. A small Chinese white dolphin spends the first three years of her life with his mother. During that period, he learns basic life skills.

Females reach maturity at the age of 10 years, while males reach maturity after three years of females, i.e. at the age of 13 years. Females mate every three years, when they are certain that their offspring are able to support themselves.


Chinese white dolphins can live up to 40 years in the wild.


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