Chameleon: is it dangerous and “toxic”?

Chameleon is one of the most famous reptiles known around the world, and can live in cracks, and is also one of the predators that prey on everything in its mouth from insects, reptiles and rodents.


Chameleons feed on water, and do not resort to eating plants except in the event of a lack of water from their body and do not find a water resource, they can hunt their prey by extending their tongue very quickly towards the insects they want to hunt, then pull their tongue very quickly to lend the insect and swallow it.

It belongs to the family of heat-changing vertebrates, and its color changes are due to its possession of color-bearing cells called xanthin carriers, and contains a mixed mixture of colors such as yellow, red and orange, and it also has purine carriers that form reflex purine crystals, and brown-colored melanin carriers.

Chameleon locations

Chameleons live in rainforests, and they are introverted animals that prefer to live alone and hate the presence of other chameleons with them, and they can change their color according to the external color of the surrounding environment and external lighting.

Chameleon is the largest of the species of lizards, and belongs to 83 species, they enter under 9 genders, and live in Africa, southern Europe, and South Asia.

Chameleon form and description

Chameleons are distinguished by their circular eyes that come out of their head, they can rotate in all directions, and they can move each eye separately in different directions.

Chameleons have strange legs in shape that resemble bitches, and chameleon stamps are divided in two directions, with two fingers attached to one side, and three fingers with each other on the other side, and chameleons have sharp claws that help the chameleon to adhere to the trees when they climb and prevent them from falling.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of a chameleon is its long tongue, the length of which is identical to its length, and its tongue is distinguished by its width from the tip more than the back, and it contains a resin that helps glue the prey with its tongue until it enters the chameleon’s mouth.

Chameleon color change

The chameleon has three layers of leather, the dark bottom layer does not allow the passage of light through it, and the middle layer in which guanine is a transparent crystal material when exposed to light reflects a blue color, and the upper surface layer contains the cells of Xanthofor and erythrophor, and the red and yellow colors appear.

Accordingly, the chameleon possesses the three main colors that allow the discoloration of all colors. For example, when the chameleon is stained green, this indicates that the yellow cells in the upper layer of the skin have increased in size than the red cells, and when the blue color is greater than the yellow color, the chameleon is colored in green.

Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes the male chameleon from his female ability is the color change clearly, and the male chameleon uses the colors for mating and the disappearance of predators, when she feels the danger she blows her chin and opens her mouth with the right and left sound waving to the left and to confuse the enemy and confuse him.

Is chameleon toxic and dangerous

Chameleons lay their eggs in one of the deep pits that they see appropriate and safe on their eggs, bury them, and do not return to it, and the incubation period of the eggs may take from several months to a year, at which time the young chameleons come out of their cracks to start their self-dependent life.

It is worth noting that there are some people who prefer to raise a chameleon at home, enjoy raising it, and put it in wire or glass cages, and it cannot represent a danger to humans, and branches of natural or artificial trees are placed inside the cage, and it must be large, and should not be Exposure to her by touching her so much that she does not get stressed.


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